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Application for IFC information management and filtering.


Import IFC2x3 files, trim unnecessary objects and properties and edit property data. Preview the result and export the model into a new IFC2x3 file that is smaller, imports better into other IFC enabled applications and contains data that can be trusted. It has a modern ribbon based user interface with full drag and drop support and configurable workspaces.


For developers simplebim® offers the possibility to extend functionality by creating add-on modules, or to use the application as a platform for quickly creating new stand-alone applications that can import, export, view (3D and data) and modify IFC models.


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Product Description

With simplebim® you have full control over your IFC data, the resources you need for handling it, model rights and liability issues. Creating and delivering professional quality IFC files becomes a hassle free, motivating part of your work with clear benefits to you business.

With simplebim® you can easily validate IFC files you get against the requirements of your application and your project. Based on the validation results you can give feedback to the author or edit IFC data yourself in simplebim®without having access to the original model.

With simplebim® you can add data from external sources, such as analysis results or detailed component information, to IFC models. You can for example merge the results of a energy simulation into the original IFC file to enable smarter HVAC design, or add detailed information about door hardware into the IFC file for the installer on the construction site.

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