OP-Pohjola headquarters and business center

OP-Pohjola headquarters and business center – Best Total BIM Project, Tekla Global BIM Awards 2014

OP-Pohjola headquarters and business center Vallilla project is located in Helsinki Finland. Project included demolition of old buildings, construction of new building on the location of demolished buildings and also renovation of old buildings. Constructed and renovated buildings will be used as office building. Project consists of 4 underground floors and 7 floors above ground.

The geometry of the new building is very complex and demanding from the structural point of view. Slopped and skewed structures caused huge forces, which caused interesting challenges for structure and connection design. The geometry of facades included slopped and skewed folds, causing very unusual precast elements with fold in middle of element.

OP-Pohjola headquarters and business center Vallilla project has won Tekla Global BIM Awards 2014 in Total BIM category.

Jouni Ojala, BIM Statybos Forumas 2015 pranešėjas

The main benefit of Tekla BIMsight in this project was understanding the building better. The geometry of the building is so challenging that even most experienced foremen said that it is virtually impossible to realize the structures looking at 2D drawings – looking at the 3d BIM model makes sense instantly“ – states BIM engineer Ojala Jouni, who also presented this project on  –  BIM Statybos Forumas 2015. (BIM Construction Forum 2015)


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OP-Pohjola headquarters